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  • How long will it take for the herbs to start working?
    The herbs start to work in your system immediately, however, since its working from a cellular level, you may not feel anything happening, but trust and believe that they are working. We would recommend that you use them for a minimum of 3 months to see the best results.
  • I know my body. So I know what works. How are these herbs any different?
    Its typical that people have tried various herbal remedies prior to trying ours. However, one thing about the herbs that you may have tried previously, although they may speak of some benefit, is that a lot of herbs that are marketed are hybrid, grafted (man-made) herbs, meaning the molecular structure is incomplete; not to mention chemicals that may have been added to the formula. Therefore you may have gotten partial or temporary results. However, our herbs are none hybrid, nature made, wildcrafted and organic herbs, meaning that the molecular structure is complete. Its the same way that your body is formed. You are a complete human and you need "complete" nutrients and minerals to live the most optimal life. You would be surpised at what your body is capable of doing once you give it a real opportunity after going on an alkaline journey.
  • Are you the company on Third Street (3833 S. Third St) in Memphis?
    We now sell our products online only through our website at and we also accept phone orders. Anyone claiming to operate out of the Third Street location (or 2600 Poplar Suite 202) are not affiliated with us and do not have our products. Please be careful. And yes, we are the original company that used to operate out of that location.
  • Are Lieutenant Higgins, Lmec-Xi and Chief Medicine the same person?"
    Yes, Lieutenant Higgins has been promoted to different titles over the years, due to his extensive knowledge and research and experience of working with herbal compounds, and therefore his most recent promotion was being appointed as Minister of Health with the Muscogee Creek Nation - Bear Clan, under Principal Chief Earnest Calvin Marshall, P.C., E.C. For more information, please visit our "About" page.
  • Will you open up another physical store?
    We are looking to possibly open another physical store again some time in the future. Stay tuned for any new information.
  • Do you ship in the United States only?
    We ship worldwide, however, we offer free shipping in the United States. There is an additional shipping fee for other countries.
  • Do your herbal compounds cure?
    We do not claim that we cure any disease. However, they have been known to aid in reversing biological ailments.
  • Is there a money back guarantee?
    All sales are final and there are no refunds. We do not use the word "guarantee" as this is a sales pitch. Our company does not deal with gimmicks. We are honest and transparent about letting you know that everyone is on a different path in their health journey and we cannot guarantee anything because what you do with the information and instruction that we give you is out of our control. It is up to you!
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